5 Steps to Becoming a Brewery Hometown Hero

Chris Rumpf

Founder and CEO, 15+ Years of Restaurant Technology Innovation

5 Steps to Becoming a Brewery Hometown Hero

1. Foam and Farm

Show your commitment to your community by using local ingredients for brewing. You can also donate your spent grain to local farms to feed some four legged community members.

2. Local Flavor

Name a brew after a landmark or local treasure in your city or state and incorporate that into branding for logos and labeling. This will solidify personal relationships between you, your guests and your brews.

3. Get Classy

Homebrewing is at an all time high right now, so why not open your doors to a Homebrew class? Teach the basics to a good home brew, build rapport with your guests and make additional funds doing it!

4. Tap Into Food

Serving Food? Be thoughtful about which beers pair well with each meal. Educate your servers and bartenders to suggest pairings to patrons. Not serving food? Have your bartenders hone up on the drink menu so they can answer any beer connoisseur’s questions.

5. Be Social

Make sure you are really showing every step of the process on social media – because if you are not showing photos of your brewers with the animals you are feeding, you are not giving the community the chance to respond!