Like A Newspaper For Your Business
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We’re kind of obsessed with this stuff, so we often find ourselves diving into the latest tech and industry updates in our spare time. One day, we realized we could put all this knowledge to use by starting our own blog! So we did.

Why You Should Be Using Gift Cards

Gift cards aren’t just something for the holiday season. Year round, gift cards can be the best marketing tool and sales driver in your business. I could write something catchy here, attempting to grab your attention, but in truth…

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5 Ways Your Employees are Stealing your Restaurant Profits

It’s like a play from Danny Ocean, but you own the vault, and the strategy is much less clever – a bar customer orders a top-shelf martini, which on the menu is $12. The customer pays cash, receives a well-prepared Grey Goose Martini, and your bartender gives the correct $8 in change.

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