Resources For A Pandemic

If Flyght was a movie, we would call it Flyght 2: The Pandemic and the tagline on the 1980s style movie poster would read, “how food continued to bring culture, love, and joy to the world while the evil empire of Covid reigned down terror…”

Ok, maybe not.  We’re not movie writers, but we do know technology, food service and retail; and we’re really good at keeping up to date on what’s happening with government response to the pandemic in the United States, as well as what state and local governments are doing; what is happening around the world; and what future models are suggesting for a landscape next week, next month and next year.

We’ve compiled a wealth of resources over the past few months, and we’ll continue to compile and keep this page up-to-date so that you can run your business with the freshest and most accurate information possible.

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