How Our Business Took Off

We’re different from the other guys – we’ve been doing this for 12 years.
But don’t just take our word for it… our clients and experience speak volumes.

We Go Way Back

Much like the tech giants of Silicon Valley, Flyght has a riveting history filled with creative geniuses, interpersonal disputes, thick biographies, and jaw-dropping amounts of money. The company was founded in a garage outside of Pescadero, when…

Okay—you probably think we’re pulling your leg, but outside of the Pescadero and jaw-dropping amounts of money stuff, most of that is actually true. We’re a few folks with big ideas who come from humble beginnings. Here’s the real story:

While Flyght was technically born in 2005, there are a good five years that we don’t really talk about. Chris, our humble founder and creative genius (minus the bad attitude), started Flyght as a simple IT company. He later turned it into a “managed service provider”—whatever that means—and to put it lightly, things weren’t going terribly well for him. We could go into details here, but let’s just say Chris wasn’t living the high life quite yet.

Flyght was truly born in 2009, when Chris was hanging out at a small pizza joint in Toledo, Ohio on a Tuesday night. This carbohydrate paradise had a $2 Guinness pint special on Tuesdays, and as any sensible (and broke) 25 year old would do, Chris had posted up for the night with a few buddies. …As he did every Tuesday. But while they were having a great time enjoying their beverages, the restaurant staff had quite the problem on their hands. Their point of sale system had gone down.

Luckily for them, there was an IT professional at the bar who was more than ready to spring into action. (Who doesn’t like troubleshooting POS systems when they’re out for a night on the town?) With a flourish of cables and some colorful vocabulary, our fearless leader had the restaurant up and running again in no time. And after receiving a few rounds on the house, he had an epiphany: I could get paid for this! Maybe even in real money! Beer, pizza, restaurants, technology—it was all coming together…

Within the next week, he reached out to some contacts, did some research, and came to three conclusions:

1. There are a lot of restaurant point-of-sale softwares out there.

2. They all suck.

3. I can build a way better one.

And although Chris was pretty damn good at plugging in cables behind the bar, he soon realized there was more to this whole “tech company” thing than drinking Guinness and saving the day. Over the next couple years, he brought on fantastic humans who now make up the core of the Flyght leadership team and have helped shape the company into what it is today.

What Makes Us Unique

We do all the stuff that nobody else wants to do.

We realized pretty early on that there’s a lot more to restaurant tech than a POS system—and it’s all a total pain in the ass. That is why we quickly changed directions to becoming a complete, unified solution for all your technology needs (which also means handling everything that could possibly go wrong with said technology). And we don’t just do restaurants these days—we’re single-handedly taking on the entire retail, restaurant, and hospitality spaces. It’s a big job, but someone’s got to do it.

We’re ready to take care of all that stuff you hate—like trying to figure out why the damn touchscreen is broken again—so you can focus on the stuff you’re good at, like practicing your dance moves for this year’s employee appreciation party. (We all know last year’s “incident” wouldn’t have happened if you just had some time to practice! We get it, we really do. No one even remembers it.)

We treat our customers like family. (We tend to see ourselves as the favorite aunt or uncle — you know, the one that would always let you stay up late and teach you about the nuances of life.)

We also know that when something goes wrong with your tech, the last thing you want to do is sit on the phone with Buddy Pine (Insert Incrediboy reference from The Incredibles, anyone?) We’re smart, we’re quick, and we have the personality you keep your business moving forward and your staff making the right decisions.

When you call Flyght, you’re getting Nate, Grant, Yolanda, Zack, Mike, Hazel, Amy, Hilary, Chris or Connor… 24/7. Real people who can handle your problem right then and there—with no transfers, holds, or BS. When you purchase a Flyght product, you become a part of our weird, large, extended family.

We might not take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to technology, we are not effing around.

We’ll be the first to tell you that we are not a restaurant or retail company at heart. We are a technology services company. Our background, our knowledge, and our history is all focused on tech and good people. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or twelve about your world. But it does mean that when you come to us, you’re getting a level of knowledge and expertise that you simply will not find at other industry-specific software companies.


Chris is our visionary, creative, and resident small-time genius. Through much trial and error, Chris has become an expert in the retail and restaurant tech industry and is now a director on the board of the Retail Solutions Providers Association. When he’s not in Flyght-land, he likes rowing, running, and cycling. He’s also a pilot, which we think is pretty cool. (Whoa… Is that where the name comes from? Nah, couldn’t be.)

Where We Are Now

Flyght is now far more than just a point of sale system. We offer all the services that any retail or restaurant owner needs for security, success, and simplicity—everything from network security to internet to payment processing, inventory, data collection and much, much more. (And we’ve still got kick-butt POS options, we just chose to go bigger.) We are a truly unified solution: we’ll get the hardware to you, we’ll install it, we’ll set up your software, and we’ll be there when anything goes wrong. Day or night.

You know when people say they’ve “got a guy” for that? WE ARE THAT GUY (AND GIRL!) If you’re looking to start a restaurant or retailer from the ground up, we’ve got the tech covered. All of it. No BS.

And even though we’re not so small potatoes anymore, we still think of ourselves as just a couple of (sorta) normal humans. The only difference is that we now have a team of people just like us, so we don’t have to run around like a bunch of lunatics, which is nice.

Looking Ahead

Our vision is to create a unified technology ecosystem for all restaurants and retailers. Business owners already need to juggle a ridiculous number of systems, processes, software, and hardware in order to even have a chance at making it in this rough and tumble world. And on top of that, the real problem is that they all function differently, they don’t interact well with each other, and they suck up valuable time from people who could be doing other, more impactful things.

Our mission is to create one system that will not only encompass every technical aspect of your business but also allow each component to seamlessly interact with one another in one cohesive package. We want our customers to be able to run their entire business with one software—and not only run the business but collect data and insights from every little corner to help increase profits and efficiency…

Whoa. That got pretty serious. Sorry—won’t happen again. But thank you, mysterious reader, for somehow making it this far. You are either extremely interested in us, you’re procrastinating like nobody’s business (been there), or you’re genuinely having a hard time choosing a tech partner—in which case, we’re ready to ease your pain.

Either way, if you’ve made it this far we’d like to hear from you—shoot us an email or phone call, or better yet, schedule your absolutely free, seriously awesome, no strings attached, super sexy, no BS personalized technology audit below. We’ll spend some time to give you an understanding of what you have now and what you might want in the future. And we promise that whether you decide to become part of our family or someone else’s, you’ll leave the call better equipped to bring success to your business, your employees and your family.



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