Meet Our Clients

We can tell you how Flyght engineers your system for speed, simplicity, and profit. And also that our award-winning team deploys methodically to ensure that your business is impacted positively from day one. Why take our word for it when you can just ask our clients?

Fowl & Fodder Story


When Fowl & Fodder opened their first location in 2014, they had a lot of options for POS systems. But when it comes to the restaurant business, not just any POS system will do—they’re open early in the morning and late into the night, which means they need support 24/7. They chose Flyght from the very beginning and have never regretted it.

Owner Scott Bowman is proud to have made the right choice from day one. “With the support I receive from Flyght, I get things handled efficiently and properly, so I know my systems are running the way they should.”

Over the years, Bowman and his team have seen the value added to the business through their partnership with Flyght. He opened the restaurant in response to a need for something totally different, and so people could come and try all the local foods and ingredients from the Toledo area.

His partnership with Flyght supports that sentiment by offering a comprehensive technology solution that is different from your average POS system. “Flyght is future-focused. I think that Flyght sees the landscape of restaurants now and sees the landscape of where it’s going and the needs to be filled, and I feel like they’re the ones that are going to help fill those gaps.”


Apparently it was the duck, because there used to be a lot of it on the menu. It was their poultry-heavy menu that inspired the “Fowl” in Fowl & Fodder. Where does the Fodder come from, you say? Suffice it to say it also has something to do with chickens and eating in a barn.

When Bowman set out with a menu of unique dishes from local, sustainable farms and a fresh juice bar, he had a vision of a restaurant that was unlike the rest. Flyght has helped Bowman realize that vision by providing a solution that is reliable and streamlined.

Bowman and his team are especially happy with the reduction in “ghost calls” and telemarketers they’ve enjoyed since implementing FlyghtVoice, a phone system designed specifically for restaurants. These calls would come in five or six times a day, but Bowman says that, “Flyght’s system completely eliminated those unnecessary phone calls.” This cut down on distraction to servers so they could focus on their patrons.

FlyghtProtect, too, has been a boon to the restaurant, virtually eliminating costly downtime and systems interruptions that a new restaurant can ill afford. Of Flyght’s tech support, Bowman says, “When it comes to anything technology-related, we know we’re in good hands, and we don’t have anything to worry about.”

Thanks to its relationship with Flyght, Fowl & Fodder has grown into a successful restaurant with two locations that continues to build and grow its relationship with its patrons.


Fowl & Fodder was initially opened thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, and Bowman has not forgotten how important strong relationships and partnerships can be in his line of business. When the local community helped the restaurant raise funds to pay for a new cold-press juicer for the second location downtown, Bowman showed his thanks by posting up the names of many of the donors on the wall.

That’s why he values his partnership with Flyght so much, because he knows that the Flyght team wants to do more than just provide a great service; they also want to see their clients succeed. “They’re a group of people that fully understand what you need and the restaurant business, inside and out.”

That understanding is apparent when it comes to the other Flyght products Bowman’s team has come to rely on, including FlyghtPay, their merchant services solution. Bowman says, “If we have issues with our merchant services, we can go directly to Flyght, and they can handle those issues.”

Fowl & Fodder has also implemented FlyghtWifi, a service that gives the restaurant the ability to interact with customers through FlyghtWifi’s native interoperability with Facebook on the guest network, as well as enhanced security for secure wireless devices inside the restaurant.

Whether it’s urgent help with FlyghtPay, a question about FlyghtProtect, or just a simple call to check in on new services, the entire team at Fowl & Fodder knows that Flyght has their back. “It’s a one stop shop,” says Bowman, and he’s not likely to go elsewhere anytime soon.


Chatham Tap's Story

In September of 2007, four men put their heads together and founded Chatham Tap with the goal of bringing a traditional English “local” pub to the Chatham-Arch neighborhood of Indianapolis, IN. It was at that time that Chatham Tap was born. Since its inception, Chatham Tap has grown in popularity as a favorite for local craft beer, imports, award-winning food and multiple HDTVs that showcase the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, World Cup, and European Championships.

With the growing success of Chatham Tap, a second location was opened in June of 2010 and Tap Ventures, LLC was born.

As Tap Venture’s repertoire expanded with Ralston’s DraftHouse in 2012 and St. Joseph Brewery & Public House in 2015, Tap Ventures felt the typical growing pains with becoming a multi-site Restaurant Group. One of the largest issues Tap Ventures faced? They were not able to access their locations remotely through their current point of sales system. Running from location to location to run reports became more of a struggle with each location opening, and the owners knew it was time for a change.

After looking into multiple options, Flyght was the best option to not only meet their current needs but also to assist with future growth. Flyght introduced Tap Ventures to a new point of sale solution for their locations launching first at St. Josephs Brewery & Public House then strategically rolling out the solution to the additional Tap Venture locations.

With Flyght’s easy to use Home Office, Tap Ventures is now able to access all of their sites remotely without having to travel from location to location, saving valuable time and money.

Options such as updating menu items in real-time, setting up messages of the day for servers and viewing real-time data on a simple to read dashboard were now accessible from any location in the world with internet availability, giving the owners the ability to focus on Tap Ventures as a business rather than running each site independently.

Daniel Jones, Operating Partner for Tap Ventures Says, “In comparison to other legacy POS systems, Flyght is out doing its competitors. From a back-of-house perspective, the ease of use and remote access is saving us a ton of time and money. From a front-of-house perspective, I haven’t been able to turn tickets faster or easier with any other system I’ve used.”

Today, Tap Ventures LLC is ready to continue its growth, and with Flyght by its side, the sky is the limit!


Nedley's Story

In 2007, owner Ellen Wisniewski decided to make her mark in by opening Nedley’s Ice Cream and Coffee Café. With its old fashioned ice cream parlor theme, its warm, inviting atmosphere and thoughtful staff, Nedley’s truly embraces a charm and family feel that’s uniquely theirs. While providing their clientele with high-quality items is imperative to the Nedley’s business, but what’s most important to Ellen is that they sell their items at a reasonable price to allow for their customers to return again and again.


As their business grew, Ellen began looking closer at her financial figures. Being a single cash register location seemed great at the beginning, but without reporting features, proper time-keeping functions, and credit card services, Nedley’s was struggling to manage their costs to allow for further growth. A better method of cash management was needed if Nedley’s wanted to improve accuracy and easily grow their business. Typical of many one terminal locations, Nedley’s felt that they may be too small for a point of sale system. After reviewing loss and determining the financial impact that a POS system would have on their location, Ellen realized that the overall savings would offset the investment cost so she decided it was time to make the jump.


As they began researching their options, the biggest issue that Nedley’s faced was the growing concern of installing a new point of sale system with the features it needed, but at a cost that could allow them to continue selling their products at a low cost to their patrons. After discussing their specific needs and most importantly, budget, Flyght and Nedley’s baked up a deal that could give Ellen and Ned everything they needed at a cost that would fit their financial plan. The relationship between Flyght and Nedley’s grew, and Flyght quickly became the go-to for all of their restaurant IT needs, including their computer maintenance, internet and messaging.

“Flyght is the best restaurant technology company in the world!” co-owner Ned enthusiastically shouted. “I really don’t know why everyone isn’t using Flyght… they have done a great job with everything, they are easy to work with and always ready to help.”

Today Nedley’s Ice Cream and Coffee Café thrives, and with their new solutions from Flyght Nedley’s has seen a 5% increase in sales. Now with Flyght in its corner, the small ice cream and coffee shop has been able to toss out all paper reporting and timesheets and implement new technology strategies to their business — all at a price point that worked for them.


The Goat's Story

With its expansive 13-location residential communities spanning throughout 3 states, Lifestyle Communities is more than just a great place to live, it’s an experience for their residents and the surrounding neighborhood. Within six of their locations, Lifestyles Communities unleashed The Goat, an on-site bar and restaurant catering to its community members with events, live music and competitive volleyball, cornhole and euchre leagues. Providing residents and the public with year-round entertainment and events, The Goat is a mainstay for Lifestyle Communities, showcasing its authentic, youthful vibe that its residents are proud to call home.


In 2014, the multi-site residential community decided that they were ready for a change in terms of The Goat’s Point of Sale system. Lifestyle Communities was simply not happy with their outdated solution. Their hardware was antiquated, their service and support were lackluster and the price of their current system, especially for the product they had, did not allow for the scalability needed with their ever-growing business. In order to stay current with their solution and reporting while receiving the proper support to grow, Lifestyle Communities decided that they needed to change providers.


When reviewing their options, Lifestyle Communities wanted a partner for their technical needs, not simply a provider that would sell them their solution. Flyght was the technology partner they were looking for – even if they didn’t realize it at the time.

One of the biggest issues Lifestyle Communities had when choosing Flyght was a lack of name recognition. “Quite honestly, they said they didn’t trust us! Luckily, they changed their minds and signed up!” Eric Kurfess, Flyght’s Director of Sales said. That particular concern is not uncommon for potential clients, however, with a 98% five-star support closure rate and a 94% customer retention rate, Flyght is a proven tried and true partner for clients all across the US.


One of the largest factors that benefit Lifestyle Communities and The Goat is the partnership between their business and Flyght. With automatic system updates, anti-virus and Flyght’s award-winning service and support, Lifestyle Communities no longer has to worry about their antiquated system keeping up with the pace of their demanding locations. Flyght has the ability to access the system remotely, a service that allows for minimal to no involvement from the clients, giving them more time to run their business without the concern of updating their software.

As Lifestyle Communities continues to grow and dominate as a new type of residential community, Flyght is by their side, unrolling state of the art hardware and technology that allows them to maintain their youthful, fast-paced culture.