Five Reasons You Cannot Afford to be a Cash-Only Business

Chris Rumpf

Founder and CEO, 15+ Years of Restaurant Technology Innovation

Five Reasons You Cannot Afford to be a Cash-Only Business

Leaving money on the table moves from abstract to tangible in businesses that don’t accept credit cards.  Customers fail to walk in the door, and the ones that do spend less than the customers at your competitor who accepts credit cards.  Here are five reasons why you should get on board with FlyghtPay and accept more tender types than just cash:

1. Accepting Credit Cards Lends Credibility to Your Business

Upon enabling merchant processing in your business, you will receive signage for your business that displays the card types your business accepts.  This signage lends instant credibility to the authenticity and strength of your business, as consumers associate the cards in their wallet with the signage in your business.

2. Many Consumers Search for Card Acceptance before Purchasing

Especially in the case of American Express, even in today’s digital world, consumers will still bypass one business for another that has an AMEX acceptance sign in its window.  Simply displaying to customers that your business accepts plastic can get more patrons through your front door.

3. Accepting Credit Cards Will Increase Sales

In the case of McDonalds, credit card sales are 156% higher than cash sales.  Academic studies show that consumers feel less pain when charging purchases versus when they pay with cash.  Accepting credit cards can allow for easy impulse buys, and will increase check averages across your business.


4. Looking to Sell Online? E-Commerce Requires Credit Card Acceptance

By 2019, almost $600 Billion worth of e-commerce transactions will be transacted annually.  If your business excepts to reap any revenue at all from online, consumers now expect to pay electronically with credit.  Accepting credit cards and alternative payments on the web is a qualifier for consumers.

5. It’s Easy!

Integrating credit card acceptance into your business is quick and easy.  Flyght can onboard you, in many cases, the same day.  There’s no time like now to grow your business.  Let us take you higher with FlyghtPay.