FLYGHT Connect

Yes, Flyght can handle your internet and cable. Yes, you won’t have to call your ISP ever again. And yes, we’ll help you come up with a hilarious name for your WIFI network.

Cable, Televisions And Wifi (Oh My)

We’re willing to wager that just about everything in your business runs on the internet. Between digital signage, music selection, and the devices that handle all your payments—you need a reliable internet connection that won’t break the bank. And, chances are, you’d like to add television service into that equation so you can get all the channels your customers want. We get it.

We work with local providers to find the best solutions and set you up with packages that make sense for your business. You’ll never pay more than if you had contracted directly with an ISP, but if something ever goes wrong or you’d like to make a change—you call us. If you have a question about your recent bill—you call us. No automated phone lines and no nonsense.

Why FLYGHT Connect?

No More 3rd Party Support

With FlyghtConnect, you’ll never have to deal with an ISP or cable/satellite provider again. It’s almost like you have one number to call for all your restaurant tech… Actually, that’s exactly what it is.

The Fastest Speeds In The West… And East

We scour your local area to find the fastest internet speeds at the best prices so you have every possible option at your fingertips.

We Know What You Need

We don’t make rash decisions. Instead, we get to know our customers and their businesses so we can help them make the right choices. Think of us like your technology consultant.

Everything You Need And Nothing You Don't

We’re hooking you up with the best internet and television packages. That means you’ll get all the channels, speeds, and functionality you want without having to deal with an ISP call-center.

Wouldn’t you rather just not have to deal with this stuff? Luckily for you, it’s kind of our jam.



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).

More About FLYGHT Connect

When we talk about network management, what we’re really saying is that you won’t ever have to think about your network again. The security is one part, the installation is another, but the overarching idea is that we always have an eye on things. Problems are detected automatically and handled by us before you even realize anything happened.

It’s peace of mind, and then some.

CONNECT Active Monitoring
Active Monitoring

We actively monitor your systems 24/7/365. If any potential issues arise, they’re identified and solved automatically. It’s like having the power of the NSA without the snooping. (We only use our powers for good.)

CONNECT Constant Updates
Constant Updates

All of your network devices are updated automatically. We’ll take care of all the updates so you stay secure, and you’ll never have to deal with those reminders again.

CONNECT We contact you
We Contact You

Instead of you bringing problems to us, we’ll bring them to you… after we’ve fixed them. You’ll receive email updates after issues have been detected and resolved. Now we just need to get your employees to do the same…

CONNECT Remote Management
Remote Management

Our network management is done remotely, so we can make changes and resolve issues entirely on our end. If any on-site work is needed, we’ll send out one of our friendly engineers.

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