You know that businesses thrive on return customers. But how do you get people to come back time and time again? If only there was one simple product with a restaurant loyalty program, mobile app and marketing strategy wrapped into one… Oh wait, there is. And it’s called FlyghtEngage.

Restaurant Loyalty Programs:
The Key To Building A Customer Base

FlyghtEngage is more than just a custom, fully-managed app for your restaurant. It also contains the best loyalty program for restaurants, bringing customers back to your business by targeting their needs and desires, while offering rewards. It might sound creepy, but we swear it isn’t — just good, old-fashioned marketing and some sweet deals for your best customers.


ENGAGE Stay Relevant
Your Own App

We’re not joking. You’re going to have your own modern smartphone app for your business and we’ll do all the legwork. We develop it, manage it, and customize it to your exact specifications.

ENGAGE Expert Marketing
Expert Marketing

Our team of expert marketers will make sure you have a solid plan in place to bring in customers and keep them coming back. Executed and managed through your app.

ENGAGE Research

We have years of experience creating loyalty programs that work. Get a head start by avoiding common mistakes and learning from the best.

ENGAGE Numbers dont lie
The Numbers Don't Lie

Studies have shown that 67% of people are willing to download a restaurant’s app to access deals and offers. And a whopping 80% are willing to return based on said deals.


On average, loyal customers spend about 67% more than new ones. Create loyalty by building trust with your best customers instead of focusing only on getting new ones.

ENGAGE Rewards

Reward your loyal customers with deals, freebies, and promotions. The best part? You don’t have to do anything.

If you don’t want loyal, repeat customers or a state of the art app, you probably don’t need to keep reading. For everyone else, we’d recommend staying a bit longer…



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).

More About FLYGHT Engage

In today’s world, people are pelted with marketing messages left and right. So, how do you stand out? Well, you get FlyghtEngage… It’s a no-brainer.

Okay, we’re half-joking. Standing out in today’s “digital age” (did we really just resort to digital age?) is challenging. But with FlyghtEngage you’re getting the power of our marketing team, who will help you build a custom marketing plan for your needs. You’re getting a professional, modern smartphone app that is built just for you. And you’re getting customer profiles that can help you build unique, tailored offers that are guaranteed to get people in the door.

But most importantly, we don’t disappear. We’ll be here for you, ready to help you craft a new custom offer, make changes to your app, or adapt your marketing strategy for that next big thing you’re rolling out.

ENGAGE Customer Profiles
Customer Profiles

Collect valuable data and build full customer profiles to deliver tailored offers to your favorite customers.

ENGAGE Unique Offers
Unique Offers

Gift cards, store credit, deals, points, scratch cards, tiers, joining gifts, birthday gifts… We could go on, but we’ll just let you imagine the possibilities.

SMS Capabilities

Want to text or email your customers about an upcoming promotion? Done. Haven’t heard from one of your regulars in 3 weeks? You should send them a friendly text. We’ll give you a nudge.

CONNECT Remote Management
Full Tech Support

Apps aren’t your thing — if they were, you wouldn’t need us. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty and be your on-call app doctor. And it’s all included with your monthly fee — no extra charges.

Get FLYGHT Engage

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