Business owners like making money — you could say it’s kind of their thing. But it turns out that getting money from your customers into your bank account isn’t quite as simple as the good ole’ cash drawer. Restaurant credit card processing means chips, certifications, data encryption, PCI compliance and more… this stuff is a minefield.

That’s why we developed FlyghtPay.

Restaurant Credit Card Processing Is Tricky. That's Why We're Here.

In today’s day and age, you need to set your business up to accept any type of payment — from chip credit cards to mobile payments, to cash (shockingly, some people still do use the stuff). Restaurant merchant services are no joke. Plus, all that data needs to be securely transferred and stored. Setting this up on your own is certainly possible, assuming you’re willing to put in a level of effort on par with getting a Ph.D. and spend a ridiculous amount of money on certifications (and therapy, while you’re at it). We would know — we’ve done it!

If that kind of thing doesn’t get you psyched up, we’d recommend checking out FlyghtPay.


PROTECT Compliant

Getting your own devices and systems certified is confusing and ludicrously expensive. We’ve got it all covered, and it’s all PCI compliant.

PAY AllthePayments
All The Payments

Mobile payments, credit, debit, cash, whatever you need — it’s all covered with one simple system. You’ll be accepting payment in ways you didn’t even know existed.

PAY in store or out
In-Store Or Out

FlyghtPay will take care of payment processing on your website, in your store, and elsewhere. Want to get on the pop-up trend and set up shop selling gourmet detergent at the local laundromat? We’ve got you covered!

PAY completely secure
Completely Secured

EMV readers, encryption from start to finish, and secure databases mean that your customers’ data (and your profits) will be kept safe and sound. Good luck, hackers.

PAY flexible

Do you have a “unique” case? Chances are we’ve seen it, and if not, we’ll figure it out for you. Invoices, credit card returns, email receipts — whatever it is, we’ve got you.

PAY transparent rates
Transparent Rates

Our rates are so low, you’ll think we’re joking. And while some of our “competitors” might try to change your rates, we’ll keep them the same. Always.

Still not convinced? No problem — we get it, we’re pretty skeptical folks, too. That’s why we’ve laid everything out below.



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).

More About FLYGHT Pay

FlyghtPay is built to integrate with all of your other Flyght systems, plus any other systems you might have—like accounting software, gift card systems, or other POS systems. (Although we really do think you should use our gift card and POS system. It’s pretty great.) Outside of the low rates, software integrations, omnichannel payments, data encryption and state of the art hardware, you’re also able to consolidate all of your payment “stuff,” including support, in one place. We think that’s pretty great.

PAY Hardware

Not thrilled about choosing a card reader? Don’t worry — we’ll hook you up with the best stuff around and make sure it’s perfect for your specific use case. Or you can choose what you want, if that’s your thing.

PAY Software

FlyghtPay is fully unified with FlyghtPOS and all other Flyght software, plus all major accounting software. No weirdness, no complications — everyone understands each other. It “just works.”

PAY You Only Deal with us
You Only Deal With Us

With FlyghtPay, all aspects of your payment system are kept in one convenient location. You don’t have to talk to credit card companies or banks or card reader manufacturers. For all things payments, you come to us.

PAY Well match your rate
We'll Match Your Rate

Send us 2 months of your most recent statements and we’ll meet or beat your current processing rates. We also won’t raise those rates after a few months. Legit.


We could keep talking, but we should probably stop.
Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready to take your business higher?

Still Have Questions?

If you’ve gotten this far and still have questions, check out the FAQs. Chances are, we’ve heard them before! And if we haven’t, you’ll win a prize. Contact us straight away and we’ll get that sorted.

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