FLYGHT Point-Of-Sale

The king of POS systems for restaurants and everything else. This is our bread-and-butter software that can handle anything you might want to throw at it, plus some stuff you didn’t even know you could throw at it. It’s the first step in taking your business higher while achieving fame and success beyond your wildest dreams.

POS Systems For Restaurants: It All Starts Here

A POS system is the backbone of any restaurant, retail or hospitality business. Our FlyghtPOS system is easy-to-use, secure, sexy, and above all—flexible. With customized pricing models and a multitude of options to choose from, FlyghtPOS can take your business higher and adapt as you grow.


POS Size Doesnt Matter
Size Doesn`t Matter

Enterprise or individual, new or old, big or small — our POS is flexible enough for 1 location or 250. More importantly, it will grow with your business and you can add on features as you need them.

POS Security

End-to-end encryption and secure cloud storage means your data—and your customers’ data—is kept secure at all times.

POS Enhanced Reporting
Enhanced Reporting

You shouldn’t have to spend time wading through spreadsheets. We’ll take care of that and give you all the info you need to take your business higher.

POS Award Winning Support
Award-Winning Support

Our POS software comes with our award-winning support. We’ll train you and your entire team, plus you can call us and get a real human any time, night or day. And you’ll never get transferred. Ever.

POS Ordering Done Your Way
Ordering Done Your Way

Tableside, over the phone, online, in-app, pop-ups—whatever you need, we’ve got it. Don’t limit yourself to how you’ve “always done things.”

POS Increased Revenue
Increase Revenue

Open your business up to missed revenue streams with online reservations, gift cards, advanced marketing streams, mobile apps and payments, mobile and online ordering, and much more.

POS Increased Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Slow software sucks, but it’s even worse when it’s affecting your bottom line. Our blazing fast software means more volume for your business and more money in your pocket. We promise you’ll never run out of gas.

POS All the Features
All The Features

We’ve got all the features you know and love, and then some. Split checks, inventory management, menu tracking, hundreds of reporting options, and full integration with your accounting software. And that’s just what we could fit here.

Yeah, yeah — we know. You’ve heard the same spiel from those folks down the road. Just keep reading…



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).


A point-of-sale software has to handle the fundamentals. We’ve dialed that in to create a rock-solid POS system for restaurants, retail and hospitality with a functional workflow that covers all the basics. We started there, but then we got a bit carried away and took it a few steps further. (You’ll notice this is a common theme.)

Our POS system flies higher by providing the unexpected. You probably wouldn’t expect your POS to eliminate your external payroll system and your CRM, or integrate with your marketing pieces to provide direct response marketing data. You also probably wouldn’t expect it to handle all of your employee scheduling, time-clocks, hiring, ordering, and inventory management.

It’s time to change your expectations.

POS Payroll

Eliminate headaches and wasted time by using Flyght to combine your POS and payroll system into one.

POS Inventory

Ditch the clipboards and “inventory days” by digitizing your ordering and inventory management processes.

POS Staff

Use data insights to automate employee scheduling and hiring, keeping you and your staff happy while saving valuable time.

POS Marketing

Integrate your marketing strategy with your POS to gather crucial data and figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Still Have Questions?

If you’ve gotten this far and still have questions, check out the FAQs. Chances are, we’ve heard them before! And if we haven’t, you’ll win a prize. Contact us straight away and we’ll get that sorted.

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