FLYGHT Protect

On average, a restaurant loses $380 per minute their internet is down. When you add in security breaches, mismanaged WIFI networks, and installation problems—things can get costly.

Owning a business is risky, but it doesn’t have to be. Flyght Protect can help.

Insurance For Your Internet, But Better

FlyghtProtect has three components to help safeguard your business and make your life quite a lot easier.

1) A business class firewall that is totally PCI compliant and can prevent breaches along with a million other things. 

2) A 4G failover system that will kick in if your internet ever goes down, before you’ve even noticed. 

3) Full network management by us.

It’s the whole shebang. Do we need to say more? Maybe not, but we will.

Why FLYGHT Protect?

PROTECT Compliant

Our firewall is PCI compliant, meaning all of your internal data and your customers’ data will be kept under lock and key. (Not literally, but you get the idea.)

PROTECT We do the lifting
We Do The Heavy Lifting

Setting up a WIFI network is easy. Setting it up and managing it properly, along with all of your devices, is not. Complete network management across multiple locations. Controlled from the cloud, by us.

PROTECT You wont even notice
You Won't Even Notice It

Our firewall and 4G failover goes virtually unnoticed—but that’s how you know it’s working. We’ll tell YOU when your internet has gone down, and we’ll let you know after it’s been fixed, too.

PROTECT Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Our network management services provide a seamless and secure network, ensuring that your phones, internet, public and private wireless, digital signage, televisions, music and everything else is safe, secure, fast, and compliant.

PROTECT Safeguard

It takes an average of 200 days to detect a credit card data breach, with an average cost of $21,155 per day. We’d rather just prevent it from happening in the first place.

PROTECT One flat rate
One Flat Rate

When you sign up for FlyghtProtect you get one flat rate for everything. Updates, failover, all of it—no more data caps, no more surprise bills. (We hate surprises, and we’re also Kung Fu masters. So don’t sneak up on us.)

PROTECT Never miss a payment
Never Miss A Payment

Internet outages mean that your nifty card readers all of a sudden can’t process payments. With 4G failover, that will never happen to you—and you’ll never miss a payment.


With great power comes great responsibility… Block content by category or website to make sure your guests and employees are staying out of trouble.

Is there anything worse than your internet going down? Or your entire payment database getting hacked? (Yeah — losing internet is way worse. Gotta keep up with that Insta feed.)



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).

More About FLYGHT Protect

When we talk about network management, what we’re really saying is that you won’t ever have to think about your network again. The security is one part, the installation is another, but the overarching idea is that we’ll set up everything correctly and we’ll always have an eye on things Problems are detected automatically and handled by us before you even realize anything happened.

We’ve already done the research and we’d be happy to explain why you need real-time encryption, stateful packet inspection, and multi-engine sandboxing threat prevention. We can also get into the nitty-gritty of exactly how our Automated 4G Failover System will have you up and running within 40 seconds of losing internet. Or, we can just set it all up for you and maintain it, so you never have to think about it again.

(But seriously, we’d love to talk about this stuff. No one ever asks us questions like that.)

PROTECT Automated log review
Automated Log Review

Our firewall does complete packet inspection, collects logs on all of it, and then automatically reviews them every day. If there’s any funny business, we’ll catch it. (Did we mention it does this automatically?)

PROTECT Cloud management
Cloud Management

Your entire firewall and 4G failover system is managed in the cloud, by us. We’ll automatically detect any problems with your internet and the 4G failover will kick in before you notice a thing. Yeah, technology is crazy.

PROTECT Daily Updates
Daily Updates

We know you hit “remind me tomorrow” every time your computer needs an update (everyone does). That is why all of your network devices—and your firewall—are updated automatically.

PROTECT Unlimited Data
Unlimited Data

Did we mention the unlimited data? How silly of us. Your 4G failover bandwidth is completely unlimited, so you never have to worry about data caps or skyrocketing bills. It just might be cheaper than your cell phone data bill.

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