On average, 19% of customers are likely to upsell themselves when viewing relevant digital signage.

Let FlyghtSign make your customers happy and your pocketbook full.

Digital Signage + Automation = FLYGHTSIGN

FlyghtSign is a digital signage platform built on simplicity, robustness, and reliability.

1) We provide and mount your digital signage displays.
2) We custom-create the signage flow to your specifications, including third party content like airline information, weather, news, live TV, and more.
3) Based on your plan, we meet with you regularly to update your content.

From one display to a video wall, we have the capability to help you succeed. Do we need to say more? Maybe not, but we will.

Why FLYGHT Sign?

POS All the Features
Kitchen Sink

With over 100 different sources of licensed content and points of integration, anything your business wishes to display is possible, including waitlist/reservation information.

PROTECT We do the lifting
We Do The Dirty Work

We manage the scope of the project, from display procurement, to installation, to content creation. Let our expertise work for you so you can focus on what’s most important.

PROTECT You wont even notice
Energy Saving

Our primary displays use up to 40% less energy than comparable displays, making sure that over time, the total cost of ownership is as low as possible.

PROTECT Seamless Integration
Seamless Network Installation

Our network management services provide a seamless and secure network, ensuring that your digital signage is safe, secure, fast, and compliant. We once had a customer with a DIY signage installation and within two weeks had it compromised with very, very uncomfortable content. Be classy – use FlyghtSign.

Brand Awareness

Turn customers into champions and employees into brand ambassadors all while enhancing your brand.

PROTECT One flat rate

19% of consumers are likely to make an unplanned up-sell purchase after viewing targeted digital signage. Mic drop.

PAY transparent rates
Customer Engagement

Transform the way you communicate to your customers. We offer solutions tailored to you. Engage your audience with announcements, marketing/branding messages, promotions, menus and more.

Reduce Expenses And Time

Printing changes to menus, promotions and signage costs money and takes time. Update your business on the fly with FlyghtSign and save money and time over the alternative.



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).

More About FLYGHT Sign

When we talk about digital signage, what we’re really saying is that we want to handle your signage project from end-to-end. The security is one part, the installation and mounting is another, but the overarching idea is that we’ll configure your entire marketing mix for you and we’ll always reach back out so it’s up to date.  

Whether you’re looking for digital signage, video wall, kiosk or interactive solutions, we have you covered.  And we love to get nerdy about this stuff, so please, talk to us!

ENGAGE Customer Profiles
Professional Services

After 13 years in business, we know how to build the right mix of displays and mounts to showcase your brand, and we have the national staff to install it for you in the sexiest of ways. Let us make your life simple and your customers happy!

PROTECT Cloud management
Cloud Management

Your entire signage system is in the cloud, which allows you to administer it from anywhere on earth, like Fiji.

PROTECT Daily Updates
Content, Apps And Widgets

Apps & widgets include social media, HTML5, promotions, reservation data, dynamic weather, custom feeds, and more. Show all of the content that customers need to see.

POS Staff
Kiosk And Interactive Signage

Immerse customers in profound experiences with kiosks and interactive signage.


We could keep talking, but we should probably stop.
Now, it’s your turn. Are you ready to take your business higher?

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