Here’s a free tip: the single most proactive security measure you can take in your business is to install a surveillance system.

Whether it’s theft, employee disputes or insurance scams, the reality is that nothing holds people accountable quite like film. We’re not saying you need to go full-on Big Brother, but a few cameras can go a long way towards protecting your business from all kinds of problems.

Let's Talk Restaurant Security Camera

FlyghtView is a full-fledged modern surveillance system that provides far more than your average “visual deterrent.” 4K resolution cameras mean that you can see everything—from the license plate of those folks who just dined and dashed, to the amount of cash that makes it into the drawer on each transaction.

And long gone are the days of the “surveillance room” with a wall of screens, dozing security guard and that oh-so-cozy fluorescent lighting. With FlyghtView, your entire system is self-contained, offering remote access from any device and real-time alerts to let you know when something might be awry. (Although, if you’re partial to the surveillance room we’d be happy to set that up for you.)

Why FLYGHT View?

Theft Prevention Inside And Out

Restaurants and retail locations are at far greater risk for crime and theft than most businesses. Cameras can help deter thieves and or apprehend them if necessary.

Boost Productivity

Constant surveillance means you can keep an eye on your employees and how the business is running day-to-day. Caution: you might find things aren’t as efficient as you thought.

Liability Insurance

If an altercation arises in your business, you need to know every detail. Luckily, cameras that store their footage securely tend to be pretty good at keeping track of details.

Reduced Incidents

In our experience, people tend to behave themselves better when they’re on camera. Less interpersonal disputes means happier employees and a better working environment. Makes sense, right?

POS Increased Efficiency
Reduced Insurance Costs

Surveillance systems can lower your insurance premiums, plus they almost always result in fewer claims with your provider. AKA, more money in your pocket.

Clear ROI

Even just one incident can bring you an instant return on your investment. Whether it’s the deciding factor in a lawsuit or the piece of evidence you need to apprehend a thief—this stuff is big bucks.

Are you starting to get the picture? Are things becoming…clear? (Okay, we’ll stop with the surveillance puns.)



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More About FLYGHT View

When people think of surveillance systems, their minds immediately turn to theft. But there’s a whole lot more to it.

FlyghtView keeps your employees productive, honest, and accountable. When people know they’re being recorded they are statistically less likely to leave early, steal from the walk-in, mishandle food, skim from the cash drawer, or get into altercations with their coworkers. FlyghtView also gives you a record of who comes in and out of your business, and at what time. It can be used to support insurance claims, track down thieves, or even to just keep an eye on your business while you’re out of town.


Our network-based hardware means your footage is always online and you’ll be able to access it no matter what happens.

Android & iOS

Access your cameras from anywhere on any device with one simple app with access to live feeds or recorded footage. It’s really that simple.

Low-Light Cameras

Our 4k cameras excel even in the worst conditions. Like at 2:00am in your parking lot, right after closing…when nothing bad happens, ever.

Complete Setup

Not sure where to put your cameras? Or how many cameras you need? We’ll come to you with our best recommendations, then set it all up.


We could keep talking, but we should probably stop.
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