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A guest WiFi network should provide more than just internet access for your customers. And for restaurants, WiFi marketing can mean the difference between a customer returning or forgetting about you entirely.

With FlyghtWiFi, you can control every part of your guest network and use it to collect marketing data. By integrating with Facebook Wi-Fi, you can drive traffic to your Facebook page and run targeted campaigns based on the people who are logging in to your network.

Did we mention that you’re also getting a private network? So, you’re getting two networks for the price of one, fully unified within the FlyghtProtect secure umbrella. We should have mentioned that earlier.


WIFI Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement

Studies have shown that public WiFi leads to higher-spending customers and higher repeat customers.

WIFI Two Networks One Price
Two Networks, One Price

You already have a private WiFi network… Switch to a secure network underneath the FlyghtProtect secure umbrella and get an additional, professionally configured guest network for the same price or lower. Seriously.

WIFI Marketing Data Galore
Marketing Data Galore

You need data? We’ve got a guy, and his name is Facebook Wi-Fi. Use it to gain insights on your customers, create targeted campaigns, and boost your social media presence.

Keep Your Data Secure

From preventing breaches, to keeping your customer’s data safe, to making sure that your digital signage isn’t hacked with unmentionable videos – no joke, this happened to a customer that wasn’t using our product. Call us and we’ll share an amazing story – we’ll make sure that everyone’s private information stays private.

Starting to rethink your WiFi situation? We thought you might say that.



Think Flyght might be a good match? There’s only one way to find out! Contact us for a personalized business technology audit (aka, the ultimate compatibility test).


In addition to the stuff we already mentioned, choosing FlyghtWiFi means you’re getting a lot of control, a lot of security, and a lot of speed — for a lot less.

FlyghtWiFi gives you complete control over your network. You can block content by category and network to keep the public WiFi kid-friendly and the employee WiFi distraction-free. Networks are segmented for added security and guest bandwidth is throttled to prevent one person ruining all the fun. It’s everything you want your WiFi to be, without any of the hassle.

WIFI Filter

With great power comes great responsibility… Block content by category or website to make sure your guests and employees are staying out of trouble.

WIFI Segment

Separate everything between your public and private networks to keep your patrons happy, your employees productive, and everyone safe and secure.

WIFI Speed

Fluid connections between access points and across devices for ridiculous reliability. Whether you’re video conferencing or streaming music, you’ll stay connected throughout your business.

WIFI Complete Setup
Complete Setup

We’ll set up your WiFi in a matter of minutes and configure everything to your exact specs. Any changes that need to be made can be done by—you guessed it—us, through the cloud.


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