Hospitality Just Got A Little Easier

How can you be a pleasant host when your hotel tech is on the fritz? Spoiler alert: you can’t.


Hospitaly Technology Solutions

Flyght was born and raised in the restaurant industry. Now we’re spreading our wings.

As we ventured into the world of hotel technology, we quickly noticed one thing: hospitality businesses have a lot of different tech tools that are supposed to work together as one. But they don’t. We’re here to solve that problem.

So what does that mean for YOU, as a hospitality professional?

It means your property management software will integrate seamlessly with your POS, surveillance, phones, and WiFi. It means you have one number to call when anything goes wrong and you’ll never get an automated answering system. It means everything “just works.”

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Let us explain…


Turning customers into profits is a bit harder than it might sound. We’re here to help.

We start our process by completing a Hospitality Technology Audit of your business to understand where you’re at, what you need, and what you like. Once we get to know you, we’ll build out a custom solution for you.

Point of Sale

Everything you need to run your business

From the best hardware options available to encrypted data storage, accounting software integration and every type of omni-channel transactions you can imagine. FlyghtPOS fully integrates with your property management system across multiple locations and can handle anything you might need to throw at it. Plus, we’ll set it up so it works with your business and all your other software. Any size, any type, any situation—we’ve seen it all.

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Property Management System

A fully unified solution

Thanks to our tech background, we’ve been able to interface all of our tech into the hospitality world. Although we don’t have our own property management system, Flyght Hospitality products work seamlessly with all major property management systems. That means your PMS works with all of our products and everything is completely unified—from your room phones to your reservation system, POS, payments, network, and more.


Connecting the dots between customers and profits

Fully integrated with your point-of-sale system, FlyghtPay does the dirty work of turning those card swipes into dollars in your account. And because we have the ability to accept payments in just about any way you could imagine—on-premise, online, wirelessly, via phone, mobile device and more—your options are limitless. When you add in gift card systems, EMV readers and full software integration, it’s pretty clear: we’ve taken all the hassle out of payment processing.

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The Flyght Sales Solution

By combining forces with FlyghtPOS and FlyghtPay, you’ve just taken care of the two most important parts of your business: making the sale and getting money into your pocket. After your Technology Audit, we’ll set up both systems to work seamlessly with each other so you’ll be ready to encounter anything that might come your way.


Setting up all the modern amenities your restaurant needs to function is kind of an ordeal.

Your home WiFi network was a breeze, but in a restaurant you’ve got to deal with security, PCI compliance, segmented networks, and content filtering. Not to mention all the other stuff that’s on your network; like your guest wireless, music, reservations, and phone system (which needs multiple voicemails, call routing, and an automated answering system). It’s a lot to keep track of, but we’re here to handle all of it.

Getting Connected

This is not your average installation

From the moment you realize you need to set up your internet, FlyghtConnect is here to help. You don’t even need to call an internet or cable provider—instead, we’ll work with local providers to find the packages that make sense for your business and we guarantee you’ll never pay more through us than you would directly. Our award-winning support comes free, as always—which means you’ll never have to wait on hold with a giant internet or cable provider ever again. You just give us a call for all your internet and cable needs, and we take care of it.

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Staying Connected and Secure

Internet outages don’t need to happen

The last thing you and your guests want to deal with is an internet outage. With FlyghtProtect, it’s not even a possibility. Your automated 4G failover will kick in within seconds of your internet going down, bringing your systems—and all of your guests—back up to speed before anyone even notices.

Your Network

Get control of your WiFi

You need more than just a WiFi network. FlyghtWiFi gives you everything you’ll need; from private and public WiFi networks to content filtering, marketing data, bandwidth throttling and more. Think of it like your WiFi command center.

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Fully Managed

Just put it on our plate (all of it)

Starting to get overwhelmed? FlyghtProtect also includes full network management by the Flyght team. We’ll do a custom audit to make sure your entire network and all of your devices are installed correctly and running at peak efficiency. We’ll keep an eye on your network to stop problems before they arise, and if they do, we’ll fix it remotely. It’s all off your plate.


We take this stuff seriously

Data breaches are a business owner’s worst nightmare. In addition to protecting against all kinds of breaches and security threats, FlyghtProtect’s business class firewall is totally PCI compliant and managed in the cloud, by us.

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Bringing phone systems into the 21st century

A phone system that just works. Installed by us and customized to fit your needs, FlyghtVoice is the Voice Over IP service you never knew you needed. It has all those little nuances you need to run your business, including the normal stuff—like call recording and automated answering systems—as well as the not so normal stuff—like converting voicemails to text and routing calls to your smartphone.

The Flyght Network Solution

We like to create a unified experience. That is why all of our software and hardware integrates seamlessly with one another. By adding FlyghtConnectFlyghtWiFi, FlyghtProtect, and FlyghtVoice to your restaurant arsenal, you can kiss all your network-related troubles goodbye and take your business higher.

We customize it for your business. We install it. We optimize it. We manage it.


Your business is your guest’s home away from home. They want the comforts of home with all the entertainment they expect, plus some they don’t. Here’s how Flyght can help.

All the Screens

And all the channels, of course

Whether it’s in your guests’ room, in the lobby, or at the hotel bar—we’ve got all things television covered. With FlyghtConnect, we’ll work with local providers to get cable packages that work for you at no additional cost—which means you can give your guests all the channels they get at home, plus a whole lot more. Then, we’ll set up and manage all of your televisions and multimedia devices to make sure everything is working as intended. FlyghtSign digital signage can be used for airline information, Uber, Lyft and other rideshare information, and just about anything else to which you need to inform, promote or upsell your guests.  And with FlyghtProtect’s full network management service, we’ll keep everything running smooth and secure while handling any changes you may need.

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All the Tunes

Yeah, we have an (optional) Pink Floyd cover band on retainer

Between FlyghtConnect and FlyghtProtect, you’ll have everything you need to keep your lobby, lounge, and bars rocking. (Or get that casual, smooth jazz vibe you’re looking for—whatever suits your fancy.) We’ll set up your speakers to sound great and play whatever you want, while you control it all from your own devices. (Note: We don’t currently offer music streaming services but we’ll set up your speakers and network to handle whatever system you’d like to use.)

WiFi for Everyone

Keep your guests connected

Whether you’re running a chain of hotels or a small bed and breakfast—everyone expects a guest WiFi network. With FlyghtConnect and FlyghtWiFi, we’ll set you up with internet and segmented networks (plus a million other modifications you might need) to keep your guests connected. And with FlyghtProtect’s automated 4G failover, you and your guests will never go offline.

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The Flyght Entertainment Solution

Getting everything you need to keep your guests happy should be simple…but it’s not. With FlyghtConnect, FlyghtWiFiand FlyghtProtect you’ve got all your entertainment needs covered. Plus, we’ll manage it and make any changes you might need. Simple—as it should be.


You’ve built this thing from the ground up. Let’s keep it safe.



Eyes on everything

A surveillance system is the single most proactive security measure you can take to safeguard your business. Between theft, employee disputes, and potential lawsuits—nothing holds people accountable quite like a camera. FlyghtView gives you a modern surveillance system with 4k resolution, remote access, and more. We’ll do an audit of your building, get the right gear for your situation, and install it correctly the first time.

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Keep your data locked down

You’ve got a lot of confidential information that some unsavory characters would love to get their hands on. With FlyghtProtect’s firewall and managed network services, they don’t stand a chance. Updated and managed in the cloud, by us.

The Flyght Security Solution

You shouldn’t have to worry about your business. With FlyghtView and FlyghtProtect, you don’t have to. And while we might not take ourselves too seriously, we do not mess around when it comes to security.


You’ve got everything you need to please your customers… But how do you get them in the door? And how do you get them to come back?



Keep track of what matters

Analyzing trends in your restaurant is the simplest way to start optimizing your revenue. That’s why FlyghtPOS has enhanced reporting built-in and integrates with your marketing pieces to provide a wealth of data insights that can take your business higher.

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Social Media

Keep your customers up to date

Your business needs an online presence, and we’re ready to make it happen. FlyghtWiFi uses the power of Facebook Wi-Fi to drive traffic to your Facebook page and run targeted campaigns based on the people who are logging in to your guest network.

Your Own App

We’re not joking

Flyght is ready to do the impossible—build you your own smartphone app. With FlyghtEngage, you’re getting a custom, fully-managed app for your business. Use its built-in loyalty rewards program to keep customers coming back and show your regulars some love. Fully customized and branded based on your needs, this is far more than your average app.

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Marketing Strategy

This isn’t our first rodeo

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want some guidance, utilize the years of experience and research from the collective Flyght Team with FlyghtEngage. We’ll work with you to develop a solid marketing strategy and plan of action that will work in conjunction with your app to take your business to the next level.

The Flyght Marketing Solution

You need data and insights to make informed decisions about your business. That’s why we’ve incorporated them where they matter most. Between FlyghtPOSFlyghtWiFi, and FlyghtEngageyou’ll have all the data you need to take your business higher. Plus, you can always give us a call and ask away. We’ve learned a lot about restaurants over the years and we’re more than happy to help.

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