5 Habits of Successful Managers

Chris Rumpf

Founder and CEO, 15+ Years of Restaurant Technology Innovation

5 Habits of Successful Managers

1. Manage by Numbers

Making decisions based on a gut feeling will put a manager in dicey situations.  Modern point of sale systems give us data and reports that were impossible just a decade ago.  Use these numbers to solidify decisions, and make the best use of your time.

2. Create systems and delegate

Delegation without consistency is a recipe for failure.  Utilize measurable results to track the success of processing that have been delegated (either on or off-line) and make sure that each system is put to paper so that all staff can follow and know what it expected.

3. Accept losses with grace, and promote successes like Gene Simmons

Positivity is inspiring, and over time, it will encourage staff growth and company culture. Always celebrate accolades from positions above with people below, and while being honest and open about failures or criticism, make sure to be engaging without placing blame.

4. Cultivate Good Morals and Values

Create an open transparency with your staff. Regularly engage them in consistently planned staff meetings, taking care to celebrate wins and request feedback on business and customer issues.  Unite your staff and promote the values of your organization to slowly create the culture that is best for the success of your restaurant.

5. Get on The Floor

In Japanese there is a word I cannot say which means, “to go to the source and see for yourself.” A great manager must have the pulse of the restaurant at all times, and being on the floor and interacting with guests and staff in real time is the only sure way to have it.  Meet and know your guests, get to know them, and lead from the front with your front of house staff.