Why You Need a Restaurant Inventory Management System That Isn’t from the Dark Ages

Chris Rumpf

Founder and CEO, 15+ Years of Restaurant Technology Innovation

Why You Need a Restaurant Inventory Management System That Isn't From The Dark Ages

You’re freezing in the walk-in refrigerator while you frantically count the number of cucumbers you have left. The clipboard, held underneath your arm, falls and inventory sheets flutter to the ground in a heap of crumpled paper. Is this how you track inventory?

Aside from being wildly inefficient, manual inventory tracking leaves too much room for error and is just plain unnecessary in today’s day and age.

Enter the Restaurant Inventory Management of the Future

Digitized POS systems automate the inventory management process – right down to ordering from suppliers. Gone are the days of counting vegetables and using roundabout guesstimates to determine the value of what’s on your shelves.

Why Use a Restaurant Inventory System?

You lose money when you waste food. You waste food when you aren’t taking an accurate inventory of what you need. You also waste food when your portions aren’t measured consistently or you aren’t keeping track of the quantity of ingredients you use each day. What’s more, a digitized POS system that integrates inventory allows for a more streamlined kitchen operation because you’ll be able to tighten up on exact quantities, stock up only on what you need, and prevent theft.

A restaurant inventory system will also shed light on what is and isn’t selling. If you’ve got things on your menu that are taking up food storage space but never getting sold, you need to know. With this information, you can get rid of menu items so you can stop wasting money.

Adjusting to the Change

Think that pen and paper is just easier? Think again. Imagine a Daily Inventory Report that’s organized just like your kitchen – and automatically submits data so your vendors know what you need. Picture a smart restaurant inventory software that tracks your history and can predict what you need without having to waste time counting in the walk-in.

Good news: The future is here, friends.

How To Make The Change

Yes, this will require a shift in the way you’ve always done business. But once you’ve got everything in place, you’ll immediately start seeing results. And what results are those?

  • Decreased food costs
  • Faster inventorying
  • Streamlined kitchen operations
  • Consistent output
  • Tidier organization
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased peace of mind and better sleep (seriously!)

Gather your most recent inventory sheets to determine what your purchasing, how much you’re purchasing, and how often. This will be your guide when inputting figures into your new, digitized POS system.

Do Your Research

The truth is, there are many options when selecting a digitized POS system. This is where Flyght comes in. Flyght is a full-service restaurant software and technology company that offers all the services that any retail or restaurant owner needs for security, success, and simplicity—everything from network security to internet to payment processing, inventory, data collection and much, much more.

If that doesn’t catch your attention, just imagine the aforementioned walk-in refrigerator scenario. Want to go back there? Didn’t think so. Check out our website to learn more about FlyghtPOS and how, specifically, we’ll integrate your inventory process into a streamlined process that’ll enhance your workflow and give you the space to do the things you love.